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Spectacular lodgings in spectacular locations of the Lake Titicaca area. Titicaca Homestay operates as a representative of Rumbo Explora Tour Operator in Peru, with the only idea to promote this wonderfull area, taking you through the most inhospitable and wonderful places of Lake Titicaca and its surroundings, working in constantly developing of new routes in diferent destinations, preserving the environment and supporting the development of the rural population. We propose you a new way of traveling, our explorations are unique, giving to visitors the best of us, with the purpose of offering the andean spirit within its comfortable and nice houses. Rumbo Explora is focused on non touristy tours in the Peruvian Andes, since we begin to operate all our tours, we have complete control over the quality of our service.

On the islands of the Lake Titicaca there are guest houses only, and not hotels or lodges. Rumbo Explora has selected the best guest houses from Lake Titicaca & its surroundings for our demanding customers, offering good quality in accommodation & exquisite local cuisine (quinoa & potatoes), besides aquatic & land tourist transportation. Rumbo Explora promotes the improving and training in lodging service. In our company we care that facilities of lodgings do not pollute Lake Titicaca, that is why we recommends the rationally use water. We promote proper treatment of wastes with the community. Rumbo Explora is the engine of this project regarding to quality of service and environment, we know that development requires improving education; so we contribute to improving. Our desire is that the turism in Peru will generate more value and wellbeing in the Lake Titicaca area and its surroundings.

The lodgings (guest houses) including the bedrooms, dinning rooms, kitchens and toilets are built with local materials as adobe (mud brick), stone, straw and others. The touches have a Peruvian folk art, making your stay a unique homestay. The bedrooms are decorated with colourful blankets made from alpaca wool, to provide a good quality in accommodation. The houses have touches of Andean folk arts indoors, while outside sits the beauty of the Andean scenery as snow-capped mountains, where are grazing alpacas and llamas. Our concept of Titicaca Homestay is focused on remote destinations in the Peruvian Highlands, with personalized service, including activities of fishing, agriculture, weaving, trek with llamas. Besides the beautiful sunrise & sunset on the Peruvian andes, which makes us unique.