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This spectacular trek with llamas start from Atuncolla, town located 28 km away northwest of the city of Puno, a car trip of 45 minutes . Our trek will be between 1:30 – 3:00 hours, which is unique where visitors can experience about Peruvian culture and it´s past. On the way you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the high plateau, country houses, farming terraces and much more, arriving to Cacsi community from where we take a boat ride on Umayo Lake to visit a natural Island and watch some South American camelids as vicuña, alpaca, llama and some hybrids.

In the past the travelers used to walk with llamas to reach to the valleys of Cusco, Arequipa or Moquegua, passing on the way over 4300m. Each way used to take them for about 7 to 10 days, the travelers took with them alpaca wool and other things to exchange (barter) with fruits, and corn. The porpose of this trek is just to demonstrate how was the journeys with llamas many years ago.

On the shores of the Lake you may observe some types of agriculture irrigations called waru waru, platforms surrounded by water channels which creates a special microclimate that served as protection for crops against frost, this technique was created by Pucara culture. Also there are different types of birds and various wild animals as vizcachas (South American rodent). On the way back to Puno you will have lunch at a nice farm house of Atuncolla village where you will appreciate the custom of local people (Collas) living in their typical houses made of stone, clay and straw. Then a return trip to Puno of 45 minutes. Overnight in Puno.




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